AV Packages

Since our opening in 2010, we have hosted a variety of events ranging from board meetings to large press conferences.
Here's a look at our AV Packages:


Whether it is a weekly team meeting, or an annual advisory committee, the standard for any meeting here at ELLICSR is an LCD screen, Windows PC with Microsoft Office 2003, and wireless Keyboard and Mouse.

Rate: $50 per meeting


The telecommunication revolution means we can now connect people and projects around the world instantaneously. Unfortunately, physical distance is something that still presents a barrier. With our teleconference option, your meeting will cross that barrier easily. If you have your own solution, please contact us to ensure we are aware of the technology.

Rate: $50 and up per meeting

Medical Video Conference

Building on the infrastructure of Ontario's Telemedicine network, the ability to add Video Conferencing to your meeting means you can connect multiple users across the province's health care institutions for video conferencing. Administration of the system is handled by ELLICSR staff, but a full list of participants is required when booking the video conference.

Rate: $75 per meeting

Corporate Executive

Webinars are able to bring meetings to the next level by featuring real-time slide sharing across the web. Coupled with teleconference or video conference, Webinars bring meetings to remote participants to the next level. ELLICSR has Webinar software that can be used for your meeting. If you have your own solution, please contact us to ensure we are aware of the technology.

Rate: $100 per meeting

Geek On-Call

A dedicated AV technician will be available upon request to set up, manage, and fix issues that may arise.

Rate: $80 per meeting

Important AV Information

Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) is a specially designed telemedicine network. Web conferencing requires the use of a 3rd party application, such as Web Ex or GotoMeeting. If you do not have Web Conferencing software, please ask for rates. Computer Screens All screens are capable of displaying PowerPoint Files 95-2003. All PCs have Internet access with. Internet browsing is governed by the UHN Appropriate Use of Technology and Internet Usage Policies. For more information on these policies please ask to see the policy.

Wifi – Wireless Internet is provided free of charge from the University Health Network to all guests of the hospital. For instructions on how to access the network, please ask the front desk for the pamphlet. Hosting and streaming of meeting videos is not available through ELLICSR. However, OTN can archive video and conferences for up to 1 year, please inquire about this option with ELLICSR staff.