Living Well With Cancer

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Living Well with Cancer is a 6 week support group that provides an opportunity for individuals affected by cancer to share their journey with others. Cancer and its treatment are demanding and talking about it can be helpful.

Living Well with Cancer is an informative and interactive opportunity for any cancer patient at any point in the journey to share, discuss and reflect with others the positive aspects and the challenges at each phase of their journey.

There are specific social, emotional and support needs at diagnosis, during treatment, and after treatment is finished. This journey is not the same for any two people but there are common themes threaded throughout this experience. When shared with others in a professionally facilitated group, these threads can lead to building greater skills, knowledge and understanding.

Join a social worker and a psychologist for this 6 week series to talk about living well with cancer. Each week, discussion will focus on a different theme:

  • Session 1: “When they found my cancer” – understanding what it meant to you
  • Session 2: Managing symptoms and treatment side effects
  • Session 3: Coping with uncertainty
  • Session 4: Improving wellness and quality of life to help your recovery
  • Session 5: Building your self-care plan
  • Session 6: Managing transitions and living well with or after cancer treatment
Image of a man and a woman talking to each other in a support group

ELLICSR (Toronto General Hospital, Basement, Room B PMB 130)


Registration required. Call 416 946 4501 ext 2363.


Series run throughout the year. Call 416 946 4501 ext. 2363 to find out when the next series will begin.