Sex & Intimacy

Cancer and its treatment can affect sexuality and intimacy. Intimacy is part of the affection that people show each other and can be expressed in many ways.

Attend the class to talk to a sex therapist about sex and intimacy, and:

  • Short and long term effects of treatment
  • How to cope with changes
  • How to talk to your partner
  • How to talk to your health care team
Image of a close up of two hands holding each other

ELLICSR (Toronto General Hospital, Basement, Room B PMB 130)


Registration required. Call 416 581 8620 or email*.
* Email is not a secure method of communication. Please do not send any personal health information over email.


For women: Classes are held on the third Tuesday of the month.
For men or couples: Please call 416 581 8620 for more information.