Orange Chocolate Zabaglione

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Skill Level
Preparation Time 5 minutes Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 8 Cost Per Serving $1.36
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Image of orange chocolate zabaglione


5Egg Yolks
1 tbspOrganic Whole Cane Sugar
1 tspOrange Zest
2 tbspOrange Juice
2 tbspDark Chocolate (at least 70%), grated
1/2 cupMixed Berries or any fruit


  1. Bring a small, half-full pot of water to a boil.
  2. In a glass or metal mixing bowl that is larger than the mouth of the pot whisk egg yolks with cane sugar until slightly frothy. 
  3. Add orange juice and zest to the egg yolks. Whisk to combine.
  4. Place bowl over the pot of boiling water and whisk well by hand or use an electric hand mixer. Add chocolate and continue beating until the eggs are thick and frothy (custard consistency). 
  5. A safe internal temperature should read 160 degrees F.
  6. Pour into 4 small glasses and top with some mixed berries and a touch of orange zest.


  • Eggs are a good source of Vitamin D, but you would have to eat 8 egg yolks to get the same amount of Vitamin D that is in 2 cups of milk or fortified milk alternatives. That’s a lot of cholesterol and saturated fat! Get your Vitamin D from a variety of foods such as milk and milk alternatives, oily fish (salmon, mackerel or trout), mushrooms, margarine, fortified cereals and fortified orange juice. You can also ask your doctor or dietitian about supplements.
  • Vitamin D helps body absorb and use calcium and phosphorus from foods. Calcium and phosphorus are minerals that work together with Vitamin D to make strong bones. Vitamin D can also help with muscle function, improve our immune system and reduce inflammation. 
  • There is some evidence to show that Vitamin D may be linked to a reduced risk of cancer. However, we’re not sure why this is or whether it is Vitamin D or some other factor that is responsible for the lower risk. More studies are needed before we can say for sure whether Vitamin D definitely reduces the risk of cancer.