Grilled Plums with Maple Almond Mascarpone

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Skill Level
Preparation Time 15 minutes Total Time 35 minutes
Servings 8 Cost Per Serving $1.06
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Image of Grilled Plums with Maple Almond Mascarpone


4​ Plums, halved and pitted
1 cupMascarpone or Plain Yogurt (lighter option)
2 tbspMaple Syrup
1/4 cupToasted Almonds, roughly chopped


  1. Combine the mascarpone (or yogurt) with maple syrup and toasted almonds. Whip in a bowl to mix well, and then transfer to the freezer to set for 20 minutes.
  2. Grill your plums over medium heat cut side down until they soften. About 5 minutes. Immediately transfer to a heat proof dish and allow to rest. Refrigerate if you are serving later.
  3. Serve a small scoop of the mascarpone with a grilled plum and pour over any run off juices from the plums.


  • Try a meatless barbeque! Research shows that less cancer causing compounds form when meatless foods (plants) are charred/burned when grilling. 
  • Grill vegetables, fruit or tofu. Barbeque fruit kabobs for dessert or grill zucchini for a salad.
  • The best diet for cancer patients and survivors is one that is focused on mostly plant-based foods. This includes vegetables, fruit, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.