Grilled Peaches with Vanilla Peach Frozen Yogurt

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Preparation Time 15 minutes Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 6 Cost Per Serving $1.39
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Image of Grilled Peaches with Vanilla Peach Frozen Yogurt


2Fresh Peaches, sliced
2 cupsFrozen Peaches
3 tbspMaple Syrup
1 tspVanilla Extract
3/4 cupGreek Yogurt
1/2 tspGround Nutmeg or Cinnamon
1/4 cupPecans (optional)


  1. In a food processor add yogurt, maple syrup, vanilla, frozen peaches and nutmeg.
  2. Pulse until broken down and creamy, add more liquid if necessary, or if too soft, add more frozen peaches.
  3. Place in the freezer to firm up for 10 minutes.
  4. Grill peach slices over the BBQ or grill pan, about 2 minutes per side. Serve with frozen yogurt.
  5. Top with pecans (optional)


  • Craving sweets? Choose healthier desserts made with fruit and/or low fat dairy more often to satisfy your sweet tooth. Save less healthy options for special occasions. Make your own treats so that you can control the amount of sugar and fat that is added. 

  • Did you know? A medium peach, which is about the size of a tennis ball has 40 calories and 2 grams of fibre. It is also a source of vitamins A and C, which act as antioxidants and strengthen the immune system.
  • Greek yogurt: a way to get more protein! A 175 gram serving of plain Greek yogurt provides 17 grams of protein. Therefore, eating Greek yogurt may help reduce hunger and increase feeling of satiety. It's also packed with calcium, potassium, zinc, and vitamin B. Add Greek yogurt to smoothies, salad dressings or soups to boost the nutrition value.