Mixed Salad Greens with Apple Cider Cranberry Vinaigrette

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Preparation Time 10 minutes Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 8 Cost Per Serving $0.85
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Image of Mixed Salad Greens with Apple Cider Cranberry Vinaigrette.


1/3 cupApple Cider Vinegar
1/3 cup Fresh or Dried Cranberries
2 tbspHoney (if using fresh cranberries)
1/4 cupExtra Virgin Olive Oil
1 cupGreen Apples, peeled, cored and sliced
1 cupBaby Carrots, sliced
8 cupsBaby Field Greens
To tasteSea Salt and Black Pepper


  1. In a sauce pan over medium heat bring vinegar, cranberries and honey just to a boil (do not add honey if using dried cranberries). Remove from heat and cool slightly.
  2. Add the cranberry mixture and olive oil to a blender at high speed. Blend until mixture has a smooth, creamy texture. Season to taste.
  3. In a bowl toss the greens, apples, and carrots until combined. Place onto serving plates. Drizzle with dressing and serve immediately.


  • Cranberries are rich in antioxidants such as proanthyocyanidins and ursolic acid. In cell studies, these antioxidants were shown to decrease the growth of several types of cancer and caused cancer cells to self-destruct. In other cell studies, cranberry extract was shown to decrease free radical damage to DNA that can lead to cancer.
  • Cranberries have antibacterial properties. Most research studies show that drinking cranberry juice can reduce the risk of chronic urinary tract infections.​