Refreshing Ontario Peach & Tomatillo Salad

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Preparation Time 15 minutes Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 4 Cost Per Serving $1.75
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Image of peach and tomatillo salad.


3Ripe Ontario Peaches, diced
6Small Tomatillos, diced
1Small Red Bell Pepper, diced
1/2 cupCooked Quinoa
1/4 cupFresh Basil Leaves, finely chopped
1/2Lemon, juice and zest
1 tbspFresh Ginger, grated
1/2 cupFresh Mozzarella (i.e. Fiore Di Latte), roughly torn
1 tbspExtra Virgin Olive Oil
To tasteSea Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper


  1. Combine peaches, tomatillos, red pepper, quinoa, and basil in a bowl. Dress with lemon juice, ginger and oil.
  2. Season to taste. Serve over some torn pieces of fresh mozzarella.


  • Harrow Diamond, Garnet Beauty, Vivid… These aren’t celebrity baby names - they are varieties of Ontario peaches! Ontario peaches are usually available from July to September. Early in the season, peaches are best enjoyed fresh. Later in the season, peaches also work well cooked or in preserves.
  • A medium peach (about the size of a tennis ball) has only 40 calories and 2 grams of fibre. Peaches are also a source of vitamins A and C, which act as antioxidants and strengthen the immune system.
  • Peaches and other stone fruit such as nectarines and plums contain plant chemicals called phenolic compounds that have been shown to reduce overall inflammation in cell studies. Phenolic compounds may also help prevent “lousy” LDL cholesterol from being oxidized, which would reduce heart disease risk.