The Art of Remembering

Written By Bob Hunt
“Art matters here in [Princess Margaret’s] foyer: It lets us know who is important and to whom we should be thankful. But art also matters on the 14th floor: It starts conversations, creates environments, makes us laugh and cry.“ – Mary Hunter, What I learned visiting my mom at the hospital
Image of woman creating artwork

There is an old adage that says a picture is worth a thousand words. Mary’s article reminds me that sometimes a picture takes us beyond words. From a spiritual perspective, profound art doesn’t simply capture a moment in time. Rather, striking images invite us to remember and appreciate life. For me, this is the artist’s skill. It’s a skill that first grabs my attention, and then sets me free to remember; to literally put the pieces back together again. Remembering provides a space to appreciate the essence of someone’s life.

Borrowing some wonderful images from her article, spiritual wellbeing celebrates the joy, energy and authenticity of someone’s life. If pictures capture a moment in time, let it be a moment when I can see how that person’s energy and authenticity once informed, is informing, and will yet inform my own life’s journey.

As a Spiritual Care Professional, I make use of people’s stories to help them picture, then recognize and regain the essence of themselves. Remembering our relationships is a profoundly spiritual exercise. Remembering takes us deep, to where the memories sleep. It assists us to be self aware. Remembering opens us to meet the future.

As you read Mary’s article what remembrance stirs for you?

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