"3... 2... 1... Action!" What goes in to shooting an ELLICSR video?

Written By Natasha Icliates

Shooting videos for the ELLICSR Kitchen is one way we use videos to educate while keeping you engaged and entertained. But before the director presses ‘record’, there are a few things that have to be thought through and executed. On a big shoot, the key aspects of production are very carefully thought through: script writing, the production meeting, and the shoot day.

The whole process takes a video production crew, the content experts, scriptwriters, and talent! Take our Safe Grilling Tips for Healthy Barbecuing as a timely example. Our content pros from the ELLICSR Kitchen wanted to do a video that would push our video team to do something we’ve never done before: filming on location, outside!



Julian and I (the ELLICSR video production team) were excited to try something new, but we had our concerns. How do we get to the location? What if it rains? Is it going to be noisy outside? How much time do we have before the sun starts moving and changes our lighting? Will there be enough room for our film equipment? And the obvious concern, is the BBQ hooked up to anything? But before we can even think about going to the location, all video ideas start in the writer’s room.

Script Writing 

Here at ELLICSR, our writer’s room is all about developing fresh ideas into a script. The Safe Grilling Tips for Healthy Barbecuing video started out just the same. Christy and Geremy had a rough idea of what they wanted to talk about, and from there we got creative and came up with fun ways to show you. Would we use cool animations? Or maybe a slow motion smoke effect? OK, maybe we wouldn’t go that wild, but we let ourselves brainstorm and talk about crazy ideas to get our creativity flowing.

After the initial outline is written and approved, the video production team adds a little technical detail and voila! We've got a script made up of lines, length, and location.

The Production Meeting

Once we have our script, we start to nail down all the other production details that will happen on the day of the shoot in the production meeting. It's up to the production crew to make sure things run smoothly on the day of the shoot. This means every piece of necessary equipment is accounted for, like batteries are charged and the schedule is written up. Staying on schedule is absolutely necessary, especially when you're shooting on location. Our biggest issue for the Safe Grilling video was the amount of sunlight. You see, as the day wore on, the sun moved, meaning our lighting changed over time.

When planning a shoot, I always remind myself something I was told in film school: “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. Having a backup plan will save your shoot!

The Shoot Day

As much as we try and prepare ourselves for the big day, there are some things we just can't control. For example, halfway through the Safe Grilling Tips video shoot, a neighbour started to do some drilling! The sound echoed throughout the entire neighbourhood. We found a way to work through it. Every few minutes, the drilling would stop and we’d record a few lines of dialogue before it started up again! Kudos to Geremy and Christy for working so well under pressure.


Overall, we had a great shoot with a few minor hiccups, but we came out with a great video. With the right team anything is possible! Be sure to check out ELLICSR Kitchen’s Safe Grilling Tips for Healthy Barbecuing for the summer season, or the ELLICSR Kitchen YouTube channel for other videos!