Carpe Diem! (Seize the Day)

Written By Bob Hunt

As I'm riding the subway, I find myself reflecting on a movie we watched over the weekend. Grug is about a family of cave dwellers who live by the motto "never be unafraid." They live in a world full of scary creatures and this motto has, they believe, kept them alive. They react with fear rather than respond with wonder. Anything that is new is immediately labeled as dangerous.

Image of a subway train by R. Flores
Photo: R. Flores via flickr Creative Commons.

I suspect there is a little Grug in all of us. I wonder – how would the everyday events in life change if I allowed myself to be less of a Grug? What might happen if I reacted less and started to respond more?

Riding on the subway provides me with the opportunity to observe human behaviour and to contemplate my inner Grug. As we are pulling into St. Andrew’s station, I hear the usual announcement: “Stand clear of the doors. The doors are closing.”

I wonder if people's behaviour would change if they reworked that announcement? “Stand clear of the doors. Your opportunities are closing.” – What! My opportunities are closing? Carpe diem (seize the day) transit rider!

The train has stopped, the doors are open and I know they are about to close. I've never gotten off here, but why not seize this opportunity?

I’ve realized, too, that the doors of life are open and there are opportunities if I will venture out. I’ve decided to go on that trip I keep putting off, actually change my eating patterns, and maybe try something new like mindfulness meditation.

What opportunities are your inner Grug holding you back from? Here are some things you might try at a “new stop”:

  • Book a 20 minute session with a Spiritual Care Professional to explore what new things you would like to try.
  • Try taking your cooking and healthy eating to the next level and checkout Christy and Geremy’s videos and recipes.