5 More People Who Rock Us on Social Media

Written By Alaina Cyr

Earlier this year I introduced you to 11 awesome people we’ve met on social media since signing up. It’s high time I add more names to the list! Here are just a few more of the remarkable people I’d like you to meet.

  • Barb – The Internet is a mixed bag when it comes to news stories. I know that I can always rely on Barb to share feel-good stories from community organizations who are doing social good. She’s also in the habit of sharing some great tips on supporting people who are going through an illness.
  • Camillie – If you’re looking for someone who can inspire you and make you laugh at the same time, Camille may be the person you’re looking for. She has a great sense of humour with a dry twist, and often shares inspirational messages about living life to the fullest. Over the summer months, expect to learn a lot about the music festivals in Toronto – it’s very clear Camille is a huge music fan.
  • Dr. Mroz – Dr. Mroz always seems to find the latest and most interesting research developments in men’s health. But don’t let his title intimidate you, he’s very approachable. Although we’ve never met in real life, I get the sense that he’s a friendly guy who has your best health & wellness in mind.
  • Jill – I’m hard pressed to find a word that describes Jill better than “badass”. She is a fighter, literally, a boxer with golden gloves. She’s also an ovarian cancer advocate under her moniker KnockoutOC, raising awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer, appropriately decked out with teal boxing gloves.
  • Maggie – The phrase “Dig deep. Find meaning. Move forward.” is scrolled across the top of Maggie’s website, a mantra that captures Maggie’s spirit well. Her reflective blog posts go beyond traditional mindfulness pieces and delve into some tougher issues like vulnerability, the unknown, and feeling lost. If you’re interested in your own self-reflection, be sure to follow Maggie.


We’ve got a whole lot more names where these came from, but one can never have too many friends. Who do you think we should follow on Twitter? Give us a tw-introduction!