For Me With Me: Blog Roundup

Written By Colleen Young

​On May 9, ELLICSR hosted For Me With Me: A Forum for People Affected by Cancer. We invited people who’ve been touched by cancer to come share their experience, learn from others what helped them, and work with us to begin to revolutionize the cancer experience. The event gave our bloggers lots to write about, starting with

Image of a group discussion from the For Me With Me forum

Late in the morning, we broke into smaller groups to share experiences and build a toolkit to help others. You told stories, had laughs and got your fingers sticky with glue while sharing your expertise about living with cancer to help others. ELLICSR bloggers sat in on each session. Here’s what they experienced.

Other ELLICSR staff members (researchers, educators, clinicians, and others) observed and recorded the sessions and drafted the pages of a Toolkit by Patients based on what you shared.

“This is great! You definitely captured everything we talked about including all the subtle nuances and passing remarks. Great job!” - FMWM participant and reviewer