ELLICSR's Healthy-Steps Group Wins Song Award

Written By ELLICSR

Last week the Healthy-Steps group at ELLICSR received some great news: They were chosen as the winner of the Healthy-Steps Song Contest!

Here is a message from Stephanie Phan, Occupational Therapist and one of the instructors of the Healthy-Steps class, about how the win came to be:

Last Fall the owner of Healthy-Steps issued a challenge out to all the instructors world-wide. The challenge was to find a familiar tune and change the lyrics to apply to Healthy-Steps, including 11 required phrases like “smooth”, “slow resistance”, “lymphedema” and “Sherry, Mark and Joel”, the names of the creators of the program. We were eager to give it a shot.

My co-instructor Barbara picked out our tune by accident - a copy of the sheet music for the 1915 wartime song “Pack Up Your Troubles in your old Kitbag” was on her piano. She remembered the catchy chorus and a lovely repetition of “Smile, smile, smile”, and thought it was a perfect fit for Healthy-Steps. After all, the essence of the program is to have fun!

After a week of playing around with the words, she practiced with the group, had it audiotaped (thanks to ELLICSR’s video team Julian and Natasha) and sent off a CD to Healthy-Steps.

We were delighted to hear last week that our song was the winning entry. As the winning song, our song will be played at Healthy-Steps conferences, and individual instructors can use it in their class.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the amazing talent, passion and dedication of Barbara to the Healthy-Steps class and to all the participants of the class for taking part in this contest. It is so wonderful to co-lead this class that brings joy, smiles and wellness to all that is part of it.

With appreciation. Have a great weekend.

Congratulations to Stephanie, Barbara, and the ELLICSR Healthy Steps group!

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