Hearing is Believing

Written By Bob Hunt
Image of baseball diamond
Photo: Sam MacCuthchan via flickr Creative Commons

On one clear, crisp autumn evening, I passed by a baseball game. Although I was a good distance away from the park, the banks of lights made the colours of the players’ uniforms pop. I watched the pitcher windup and throw. The batter swung and missed - or so I thought. Suddenly I saw her run for first base and the player on first dash for second. Only then did I hear the sound of the bat striking the ball.

Life can be like that. I often encourage my son to try doing something in a different way. The look on his face suggests dad swung a new idea and missed. It was later that I heard from others that it connected and helped him to advance.

Life is more complicated than a Friday night baseball game, but the ball park’s lights cast a glow on my life just the same. Not every swing is a hit. Every day doesn't serve up a home run.

Spiritual insights can come when we aren't looking for them. They aren't dependent on our journey to some special spot. Spiritual growth is a matter of attitude not latitude.

If you take a few minutes to think back on events in your own life, can you identify a time when you thought you saw a swing and a miss, only to learn later that it actually led to an important insight?

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