How Do You Keep Active?

Written By ELLICSR

Most people know that exercise is an important part of healthy living, but finding the time or the motivation can be challenging. Here are some tips from the ELLICSR bloggers.

What do you do to add some activity to your day?

Image of Nour

"After breaking my foot and spending a long time in a wheelchair, I am a lot more motivated to incorporate physical activity in my day. For example, whenever I want to catch up with friends or family, I’ll suggest we grab a tea and go for a walk instead of sitting!" - Nour Alkazaz

Image of Lauren

"I add activity into my day in a few different ways. Sometimes I’ll walk home after work, or skip the subway if I’m only going a few stops. Another way I sneak in some activity is by making an extra trip for groceries, instead of picking them up on the way home." - Lauren Shorser

Image of Bob

"My optometrist suggested that I break up the amount of time I spend looking at a computer screen, so every hour I take a quick walk for 3 minutes. I also have an alert on my computer that tells me when it’s time to move with ambulation rather than sit with procrastination. It’s good for my eyes and my thighs." - Bob Hunt

Image of Myann

"My children motivate me to exercise. Physical activity is much more enjoyable when you’re having fun with little ones! We ride bikes, play sports and go swimming. When I’m by myself or with friends, I also enjoy walking – and throwing some window shopping in the mix." - Myann Marks-Aitken

How do you motivate yourself to exercise?

Image of Christy

"I like to exercise first thing in the morning. That way, it sets the tone for my day and I already feel like I’ve accomplished something and done something positive for myself. If I leave exercise until the afternoon, I have time to talk myself out of it… and I’m more likely to feel tired and think about all the other things I need to do (and make exercise less of a priority)." - Christy Brissette

Image of Leila

"If you aren't a morning person, don't worry! Try to make exercise the very first thing you do as soon as you get home from work. Don’t give yourself the chance to sit on the couch as it's almost impossible to get back up after a long day at work." - Leila Amin

Image of Aileen

"I try to take every chance I can to be active, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Being active is also easier when I enjoy it. For example, on a beautiful day I’ll take my breaks by going for a short walk outside. If I’m having a hard time getting started, I’ll do an exercise program or class just for fun, instead of my regular routine." - Aileen Trang

Image of Alaina

"The biggest hurdle for me is getting to the gym, but I've found a fool-proof way to get me there every time: plan to meet my husband there. Having an immediate consequence makes it that much easier to go. Then once I'm there, my workout playlist pushes me to challenge myself." - Alaina Cyr

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