Have You Had Moments Like This?

Written By Bob Hunt

Many years ago I built a log cabin on Manitoulin Island. The front windows look out on Lake Manitou. Early one morning, at the very moment the sun was rising, I sat and looked out at the lake. There in the glass I could see three “times” in my life. The sun’s morning glow and a single bulb burning in the kitchen produced just the right amount of light so that a unique set of objects was reflected in the glass. I could see the pictures on the wall behind me with images of people, places and events of my past. Beyond the glass, I gazed upon the lake and heard the sound of loons inviting me to the day that lay ahead. I also saw myself reflected in the glass.

Photo of Lake Manitou
Photo: CedarBendDrive via flickr Creative Commons

I was keenly aware of being self-aware – present and rooted in the moment – and at the same time beholding the past and future. They were all captured in a single moment; a very spiritual moment. I felt very alive.

Being attentive to your spirituality has something to do with “being alive”. Alive to how you became to be who you are now, what you think the future might hold for you, and being keenly aware of these things in the moment.

Have you had moments like that? Moments when you felt alive and recognized that it was YOU who was doing the feeling, having the memories, preparing for some future events or other intersections of times past, present and future?

I like to call these moments “authentic moments”. I can’t tell you what is authentic for you – only you can truly know. But spiritual care professionals can help you discover what gives meaning, hope and authenticity to your life. I look forward to sharing with you on the ELLICSR blog and hope to give you opportunities for thought, offer new ways of being self-aware and help promote your spiritual well-being.


Bob or another member of the spiritual care team can help you find your "authentic moments". Meet with a spiritual care professional at Princess Margaret by contacting spiritual care to arrange a private meeting.