The Morning After

Written By Robert Hawke

Got an aspirin?

It feels like the morning after. Everyone was a bit late getting in after the festivities of the day before. We all seem a bit bleary but quite happy. Did one of our city’s teams actually win something? Was it Canada Day? Is it the day after a hot date?

No. We at ELLICSR are all recovering from the joy of celebrating National Cancer Survivors Day.

Once again we threw our doors wide open and had a party with over one hundred of our closest friends. There was (of course) terrific food, art, laughter and some thought provoking discussion on finding meaning in adversity.

As with any big event that needs a ton of planning, we were relieved and thrilled to have it go so well. All of the detailed planning, worrying and cooperative effort paid off in an event that brought many cancer survivors and medical professionals together in a positive atmosphere.

As much as we are relieved that everything went well, we are sad to wave goodbye for another year. Now that the chairs have been stacked, the workshops cleaned up and new friends made; we wave goodbye to National Cancer Survivors Day once again and look forward to next year. I think the first planning meeting is on Monday.


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