Morning Coffee & Community

Written By Marc Doucet
morning coffee
Photo by Timefortea3 via flickr Creative Commons

I’ve gotten into the pattern of going to a coffee shop across the street from the Princess Margaret most days for my morning coffee. Whoever is responsible for the hiring and training of staff in this particular coffee shop has accomplished an amazing, and not-so-common, feat! I became aware over the last few weeks that most of the staff have started to call me by name as I walk in.

The other morning, by the time I walked to the counter my regular (tall dark roast) was sitting on the counter. The barista smiled and said: “There you go Marc”.

Here I am in the largest metropolitan community in Canada in the busy downtown core and I walk into a coffee shop and am known by name, my preferred drink is prepared for me without having to ask. This makes my day!

What I am experiencing is a sense of community and a personal connection, normally experienced in smaller settings. I am not merely a number or another order to put through. There is a connection, a sense of belonging. They definitely have a satisfied and returning customer. But more importantly, I walk back across the street feeling a part of the environment around me, connected to my world, and that I’m not invisible or inconsequential. What a great daily ritual to begin my day!

In what places or situations in your day are you known by name? What are your experiences of feeling connected and known? Do you have a daily ritual that helps make this happen? Share with us on our Facebook page.