"I never thought I'd be thankful for..."

Written By Alaina Cyr

Thanksgiving is a time when many people express gratitude for the relationships, experiences and things that they value. I wanted to take a slightly different view this year. I asked the ELLICSR community to fill in the blank, and here's what I heard back:

“I never thought I’d be thankful for…”

Photo of Maggie 
“… having cancer (and I’m not!). What I am thankful for is what cancer inspired in my life. It forced me to look at the choices I was making for myself, and to wake up to what else is possible. It helped me see how resourceful I am and what I need in order to be creative and live meaningfully. It made my life my priority, as it’s meant to be.” - Maggie
Photo of Rob
“…a raw chicken leg, a well-lit exit sign, forgetting to go to a meeting, an unripe banana, bass fishing, The Ukraine, not knowing what the heck is going on, daylight savings time, and the fish market at Gerard and Broadview.” – Robert (you’ll have to ask him for the story behind these!)
Photo of Michele 
“…virtually every waking moment of my very existence, that first sip of coffee, the sound of my children, laughing, my husband's kiss...” – Michele
Photo of Myann 
“…alone time. Having two boys keeps me busy and a few minutes of alone time really helps me recharge.” – Myann
Photo of Camillie 
“…the ability to experience all my happiness, joys, pain and sorrows. Each moment leads me to understand my life journey. There was a point in my life where I thought this ability would end sooner. Now that I have a chance to experience these emotions, I appreciate every moment. :)” – Camillie
Photo of Phillip 
“...the positive energy I continue to receive from the healthcare hashtag communities. Every tweetchat is a boost to my health!” – Phillip
Photo of Anna 
“…being able to comfort my children when they are sick. I'm on a chemo holiday and both my kids are sick. It is huge being able to kiss them and hold them. I never thought that I would get to do that again.” – Anna
Photo of Scott 
“…a CT scan result that still showed tumors ... but since the tumors are stable or shrinking, the news is the best thing in a long time.” – Scott
Photo of Christy 
“…having loved and lost, being told when I’m wrong, failing at something, “real talk” from friends and family, overpriced lattes, the Saturday crowds at the St. Lawrence Market, dogs that look like their owners, being sore after a workout, partnering with a chef (haha, kidding)!” – Christy
Photo of Raymund 
"… a supportive community." – Raymund
Photo of Colleen 
​“… a broken wrist that led to the discovery that I’m ambidextrous. Twitter, because I thought it was going to about frivolity, but it is a staple in my lifelong quest of continuous learning. A good death without pain and suffering.” - Colleen
Photo of Randy 
“…some of the simplest things we take for granted like beauty of a sunset, or what the rainfall sounds like. After going through 18 months of treatment for breast cancer, I try not to take things for granted anymore. I try and find meaning in most things, and enjoy the moments. I'm thankful for my wonderful family and amazing friends. I'm thankful for the incredible people that I've met along this journey. I'm thankful that I'm alive.” – Randy

As for me, I never thought I'd be thankful for Mr. Bean. I have fond memories of spending Thanksgiving day at my grandma's house, huddled in the living room with my family and cracking up at his ridiculous antics.

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