Our Wishes for You in 2014

Written By ELLICSR

The ELLICSR Bloggers would like to wish you a happy new year!

Photo of Aileen Tang 

“I wish you lots of love, laughter, and stories that will inspire strength in 2014.” - Aileen Trang

Photo of Alaina Cyr 

“I wish you the love of good friends to help with whatever life throws your way in 2014.” - Alaina Cyr

Photo of Bob Hunt 

“I wish you the joy of meaningful relationships, and the courage to try new things in 2014.” - Bob Hunt

Photo of Christy Brissette 

“I wish you plates full of brightly coloured vegetables, whole grains and legumes, and the wisdom and patience to choose balanced, healthy eating over trends in 2014.” - Christy Brissette

Photo of Geremy Capone 

“I wish you would eat more Brussels sprouts! But really, I wish you more meaningful and enjoyable time spent in the kitchen in 2014.” - Geremy Capone

Photo of Lauren Shorser 

“I wish you happiness, adventure, and clear, comprehensible media coverage of science in 2014.” - Lauren Shorser

Photo of Marc Doucet 

“I wish you the experiences and times that renew and strengthen your spirit and body in 2014.” - Marc Doucet

Photo of Robert Hawke 

"I wish you informed hilarity – laughing, but knowing why it’s good – in 2014.” - Robert Hawke