3 Quick & Easy Meals with Less Than 6 Main Ingredients

Written By Christy Brissette

Need some healthy dinner ideas that are quick and easy to make? I’m no chef, but I can put together some tasty meals that can be made faster than going to get take out. You can too! Some of my favourite recipes are the most simple, and can be made with 6 main ingredients or less. You’ll be able to put these meals together even faster if you prepare some of the ingredients ahead of time. Check out my previous blog post on tips to get you ready to make healthy meals during the week.

Breakfast for Dinner

Try having breakfast for dinner with a quick frittata or omelette loaded with vegetables like spinach, mushrooms and onions. Add some grated sweet potatoes to the recipe or serve with whole grain bread for a complete meal. Watch 12-year old Logan cook one up with Geremy and me in the ELLICSR Kitchen.

Perfect Pasta

Image of smoky mole chili
Smoky Mole Vegetarian Chili

Another one of my go-to quick and easy meals is pasta. Choose whole wheat or brown rice pasta and toss with a homemade tomato sauce (prepared ahead of time like in this video), a source of protein like chicken, shrimp or beans, and your favourite vegetables.

Comforting Chili

All you need for a warm comforting chili is mixed beans and vegetables like onion, bell peppers or mushrooms with chili powder and garlic. Serve in a whole grain bread bowl or add some cooked brown rice or other favourite whole grain. Better yet, invest in a crock pot so you can put ingredients for chili, soups, stews and other one pot meals into the pot in the morning and come home to a warm meal. Try Geremy’s recipe for Smoky Mole Vegetarian Chili.


I have heard many of you say that Geremy makes cooking look easy... but it really is once you get started! Check out Geremy’s videos of culinary techniques, like how to choose a knife and how to cut an onion. These basic cooking tips and skills will get you started on making nutritious meals in no time.

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