Working in the ELLICSR Kitchen

Written By Geremy Capone

​There is a big team behind the scenes of the ELLICSR kitchen, helping to support Christy, myself and the program. Everything from the cooking videos on our website to all the onions that need chopping for our vegetable stock, is supported by a dedicated staff member, student or volunteer willing to do what it takes so that the survivors, patients and family members get to fully enjoy our program.

Chrsity Brissette, Katie Verissimo, and Geremy Capone give a demonstration in the ELLICSR kitchen
Chrsity Brissette, Katie Verissimo, and Geremy Capone give a demonstration in the ELLICSR kitchen

The following post is the story from one such dedicated student, Katie Verissimo, creator of  Katie's Nova Scotia Lobster & Spaghetti Squash recipe. This hard working, driven, and passionate George Brown College student tells of her experiences working in the ELLICSR Kitchen:

Working in the ELLICSR Kitchen for my seven week George Brown College externship was a great learning experience. I worked with wellness chef Geremy Capone and helped to support the cooking demonstrations from recipe research and testing to ingredient preparation. Having the creative freedom to create recipes and themes is what I truly loved about working in the ELLICSR Kitchen. It really inspired me to approach cooking from a more creative angle using new ingredients and techniques.

One of the most inspirational moments was being able to watch and help out with the live cooking demonstrations. It makes you feel really good to see people’s positive reactions to Geremy and Christy, how they are able to ask questions, and of course all the tasty food. When I hear that people have gone home and made the recipes themselves with their own twist, really displays that the ELLICSR kitchen team has effectively taught the right culinary and nutritional skills and techniques.

I thank the whole ELLICSR team for an amazing experience and for being so welcoming and supportive during my time there. I will be back to visit soon!"

- Katie

On behalf of the entire ELLICSR team, thank you Katie for supporting the ELLICSR kitchen!