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By: Noor Malik, Enrollment Coordinator

Cancer Chat Canada provides free, professional-led online support groups for Canadians affected by cancer. This includes patients, survivors and family members. Cancer Chat online support groups are ideal for people who are unable to attend a face-to-face support group led by a healthcare professional. You may find it hard to attend a face-toface support group for many reasons: 

  • you live in a rural area with no access to local support group programs
  • you may have a busy schedule and find it hard to make the time to attend

The benefit of an online support group is that you can get support from the comfort of your own home.

Cancer Chat online support groups provide emotional support and a place to safely discuss personal topics.

All chat sessions are typed (text-based; no voice/audio) and take place in real time. All participants login to the chat session at the same time to take part. Groups meet once a week for 90 minutes, for about 10 weeks, in a live "chat" room on the Internet. Interested patients and caregivers can register for groups by filling out the online registration form on the Cancer Chat Canada website.