ELLICSR Healthy-Steps group: Winners of the 2015 Healthy-Steps Dance Contest

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By: Barbara Jenkins, CPTN-CPT, CLM

Healthy-Steps includes fun stretches and dance moves set to music in a healing exercise program designed to help you thrive.

Last month, we were delighted to receive the longawaited news that the ELLICSR Healthy-Steps group’s entry was chosen as one of the five winners of the 2015 Healthy-Steps dance contest. I chose a Kokomo by the Beach Boys back in the New Year and choreographed a line dance routine to it. The group practiced the dance through the winter and finally, we had it videotaped in March.

“Kokomo” was such amazing fun to record. On a cold winter’s day, we dressed up in beach clothes, and with the backdrop of the home-made palm trees and a friendly parrot, we really did feel like we were all transported to a “place called Kokomo”!

At some points in the verses we had to “feel the water” which made us imagine being even closer to the warm blue Caribbean.

It has been a rather stellar year for ELLICSR’s Healthy-Steps group. In January, I learned that our song, “Do Healthy-Steps” was the winner of the one-time only Healthy-Steps song contest. It has become the official program song in perpetuity and will be sung at conferences, workshops and classes around the world!

Special thanks go to Julian Cardozo and Natasha Icliates from the Web & Digital department at ELLICSR. Their incredible techno wizardry and patience during the video shoot made all of this possible. As always, I would also like to thank my co-facilitator, Stephanie Phan for lending her wonderful support, guidance and enthusiasm to this venture.

If you are interested in being part of this fun exercise program, you can pick up registration packages at ELLICSR reception, from the Survivorship Centre on Level 2 in the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre or from the Patient & Family Library on the main floor of Princess Margaret. Healthy-Steps runs on Wednesdays from 12:00 till 1:00.

Please call Barbara at 416-505-5578 for further information.

“Do Healthy-Steps each week and it will make you smile, smile, smile…”