The Healthy-Steps Program

By Barbara Jenkins, CPTN-CPT, CLM, Lebed Healthy-Steps instructor

quotation markThe best post-cancer exercise program in Toronto. Since discovering the Healthy-Steps program, I have been a much changed person – fitter, happier and easier to get along with. I would not hesitate to recommend this program for anyone coming out of the battle with cancer -particularly after surgery

Lebed Healthy-Steps is an international therapeutic exercise and movement program developed in 1980 by breast cancer survivor and former professional dancer, Sherry Lebed Davis. It is a fun, rejuvenating program of stretches and dance moves set to classical, 60’s, 70’s and contemporary music.

quotation markBeing part of this exercise program has improved my life physically and emotionally. Music plays a big part in the class and I love to sing and dance

Healthy-Steps is suitable for anyone with cancer, lymphedema, arthritis or other chronic illnesses. Benefits of the program include increased range of motion, reduced fatigue, improved balance, strength and self-esteem, as well as helping with emotional recovery.

quotation markWe always have the perfect music for each exercise and we have a great time dancing to a wonderful selection of songs-oldies and new ones. Sing if you want to!! We all leave each session happier and with smiles on our faces
Happy Healthy Stepper

The class begins with a 10 minute warm-up designed to stimulate the lymphatic system. The remainder of the class is divided into five parts each one using active movements to exercise the upper and lower body, focussing on improving range of motion, core strength, energy and co-ordination. Chairs are used for balance, support and rest. Two water breaks are taken through the class and provide an opportunity for social interaction. The class ends with an energising dance routine, followed by gentle stretching as cool down.

Healthy Steps is co-led by Occupational Therapist, Stephanie Phan and myself and is held at the ELLISCR: Health, Wellness and Cancer Survivorship Centre located in the basement of Toronto General Hospital. Right now, there is plenty of space to welcome new participants on Wednesdays from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m for 10 weeks. We welcome the opportunity to share our enthusiasm for music, dance and movement with any new participants.

For more information contact: Barbara at 416-505-5578. Registration packages can be picked up at ELLICSR reception, or at the main floor Patient and Family Library in the Princess Margaret. ​