Cancer Answers

By: Karen Lawrie, Research Associate, Cancer Education Program, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Anna D’souza, Research Analyst, Cancer Education Program, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre  

You may have questions related to cancer care such as:

  • "How do I cope with nausea?"
  • "Where can I find information about radiation treatment?" and
  • "Where can I find information about support groups?"

Princess Margaret Cancer Answers (PM Cancer Answers) is a search engine to help you find trusted, high quality information. PM Cancer Answers includes content developed by Princess Margaret, Canadian Cancer Society and other trusted cancer organizations.

Many people rely on a Google search or other Internet search engines to find answers to their cancer related questions. But it can be hard to know which search results are based on facts, and which results are based on an opinion. This can leave many people feeling uncertain about the information they find online.

Princess Margaret Cancer Answers is easy to use. You can search for a specific topic using the search bar. You can also explore the site by browsing a defined group of topics. You can access Princess Margaret Cancer Answers on a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. The trusted information is also provided in many forms including:

  • Brochures in PDF format
  • Videos
  • Audio books/CDs
  • Links to other websites

Have a cancer-related question? Check out to find trusted information at your fingertips!

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