Music Meet-Up

"Music Meet-Up": A Music Therapy group for AYA (Adolescents and Young Adults) 

By: Dr. SarahRose Black & Dr. Chana Korenblum, Department of Supportive Care Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Music moves us. It is a powerful tool that can help us:

  • Connect with ourselves and others
  • Navigate our emotions
  • Tune into our thoughts of the world
  • Create meaning, and process our experiences.

Music is also an evidence-based tool for health and wellness.

Music in a group setting has been shown to be useful and effective in addressing physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs. Research shows that music can help diminish social isolation and can connect people with each other in an immediate and powerful way.

"Music Meet-Up" is a group program offered once a week for 6 weeks to support young people dealing with the challenges of having a cancer diagnosis and its treatment. Each weekly session is focused on a theme and includes music-based activities to develop practical coping skills.

Since June of 2018, Dr. Chana Korenblum (Psychosocial Oncology) and Dr. SarahRose Black (Music Therapy) have been facilitating this group for AYA (Adolescents and Young Adults) to connect with each other through conversations about and participation in various music-based activities, including information about music-based strategies and tools.

Participants should be well enough and willing to attend all 6 weekly, 1 and a half hour sessions. There is no fee for this program.

No previous music experience or training is required for participation.

Stay tuned for the next available Music Meet-Up group!

If you have questions about "Music Meet-Up", feel free to contact SarahRose Black (, or 416 946 4501 x2494).