Lymphedema Clinic


Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, 2nd floor, Cancer Survivorship Centre

Hours & Contact

Monday–Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm
416 946 4501 ext. 2363

Lymphedema is swelling caused by a buildup of lymph fluid in your body.

The Lymphedema Clinic can help you if you have lymphedema as a result of cancer treatment that involved the removal of lymph nodes or radiation to lymph nodes.

At the Lymphedema Clinic, you can speak with a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist or a nurse about lymphedema. We can:

  • Assess your condition
  • Give you information about lymphedema
  • Show you how to care for yourself while maintaining your lifestyle
  • Give you instructions on lymphatic self-massage and bandaging
  • Make referrals for special compression clothing and rehabilitation services
  • Provide ongoing assessment and coaching
How to Register

If you are interested in learning more about lymphedema, please call us to make an appointment to attend the Lymphedema Awareness education class.

The Lymphedema Clinic is open to Princess Margaret patients who have lymphedema caused by cancer treatment. The clinic is open to people with any type of cancer who have lymphedema in the upper part of the body, and to people with gynecologic cancer who have lymphedema in the lower part of the body.

If you have persistent swelling, speak to your oncologist to find out if you could benefit from a referral to the Lymphedema Clinic. Your oncologist must diagnose you with lymphedema caused by cancer treatment before you can attend the Lymphedema Clinic. After you have been diagnosed your oncologist can refer you to the Lymphedema Clinic by filling in the referral form.

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