Favourite ELLICSR Blog Posts of 2014

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Instead of doing a traditional year-end round up, the ELLICSR Bloggers did a Secret Santa! Each blogger pulled a name out of a hat, picked their favourite post by that blogger, and shared a little bit about why it was their favourite. Here's what the bloggers picked:

Image of Rob Hawke"If you've had the pleasure of meeting Rob, you'll know he's not one to beat around the bush. He brings his honest, upfront attitude to his blogs, even when it comes to the tough stuff. The first time I read Did a Plane Crash In Your Backyard? I was blown away by how he captured human resilience in a simple parable. As much as the big things can shake up your life, it's the small, mundane things that help get us through it." – Alaina Cyr

Image of Christy Brissette "What a treat it was to go back and read Christy’s blogs!!!  It was a tough choice but I settled on Balance your Plate to Battle Brain Fog as being my favorite. Frankly, I think it is an important subject for all of us. I really enjoy “Power up with protein”, “Go for….grains” and, my favorite, “Harness hydration”. Christy’s alliterations makes it easier to max your memory. The accompanying video clip is well paced and reinforces the written content. In my book, a 10 out of 10. Thanks Christy for gently gifting all of us at the ELLICSR with your knowledge and professionalism."  – Bob Hunt

Image of Colleen Young"Social media is booming right now. Most people know you can find support by connecting with others going through a similar experience as your own, but social media can offer so much more. People with rare diagnoses or those considering a new or uncommon treatment may find information from online communities who have similar experiences. Colleen's blog Social Web for Peer-to-Peer Healthcare shows that well."  – Aileen Trang

Image of Aileen Trang​"Aileen works in the patient education department, so it comes as no surprise that many of her blogs provide useful, easy-to-read information presented in a well-structured way. She adds a personal touch to each. But the blog posts that grip me the most are the ones where Aileen shares her lived experience as a caregiver. My favourite is Sweet Escape: Ideas for Caregivers. It’s real. It’s lived. It’s Aileen’s gift to others." – Colleen Young

Image of Geremy Capone"My favourite Geremy post of 2014 is A Taste of My Perfect World, with Cookstown Greens. Geremy gives us a glimpse of his version of utopia – a world where we can easily find out where our food comes from and fresh, local food is available to all. I’d like to live there, wouldn’t you? Every good chef (and dietitian!) knows that healthy, delicious meals start with quality ingredients. I loved how Geremy shared with us that even though his perfect world isn’t here yet, it’s getting closer every day with people demanding locally grown food and with farmers’ markets springing up in more and more neighbourhoods. And the recipes Geremy shared in his blog post are some of my favourites!" – Christy Brissette

Image of Bob Hunt​"Bob Hunt is an excellent writer. He has a great way of taking his specific experiences and then drawing parallels to the lives and experiences of his readers. The piece I chose for Bob’s Secret Santa is What’s in your garage? It’s smart insightful and reminds us that the circumstances of our lives are transient and noticing and appreciating them is a gift we can give to ourselves." – Robert Hawke

Image of Alaina Cyr"Walking the Steps Toward Mindfulness initially drew me in because I’m always looking for a little more mindfulness in my life. Alaina did a great job right off the bat to make me connect, painting that ‘hectic day’ image that I know all too well. Then pulling from a great pop culture reference (I have the Labyrinth special edition box set…one of my favs) I was locked in, and it seemed as though I was about to embark on my own labyrinth walk set before me. Through the post I gained some great tips on practicing mindfulness myself, and it actually felt as though a light weight had been lifted off my shoulders too. Great…relaxing post!" – Geremy Capone


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On behalf of the ELLICSR Bloggers, we wish you all the best for 2015!