What's In Your Garage?

Written By Bob Hunt
Photo of boxes in garage
Photo by Susan Smith via flickr Creative Commons

I was sorting through a few boxes in my garage one afternoon. I noticed, every now and then, that the wind would propel leaves, sand, and small branches in a swirl across the driveway. I stood still, watched and listened to the sounds of the debris skating across the driveway.

Eventually, one of these tiny tornadoes entered the open door, the wind wrapping itself around my knees. Surrounded by boxes of mementos and memories, it reminded me of the days when my children were little. Like this little gust of wind, they would welcome me home by wrapping their arms around my legs. I enjoyed those hugs.

Spirituality is like the wind wrapping itself around my knees. It includes me in all the creative, swirling, dancing bits of life that pass by the garaged memories of my past. It also helps me decide what deserves to be treasured and what is worthy of my attention as it moves past the open door of my life. In that moment, I realized those things that deserve to be treasured are almost always linked to relationships.

My reflective moment was broken by a voice saying “Dad it’s time for supper.” Turning, I saw my “little boy,” now 14 years old and already taller than I am. He still gives me hugs at the end of the day. His arms go around my chest now. I will always enjoy those hugs.

Most of us have a few boxes of things to sort through. What are the life events that deserve to be treasured? What can be swept away with the wind?