Imagine Wildly

Written By Bob Hunt
Image of trees
Bob's photograph of the sign he saw on his drive.

I support my own spirituality by going for drives along country roads. One of my drives found me heading back to a place I had been before. On my first drive down this particular road, I had seen several large pheasants in the brush. I came back, camera in hand, waiting to see if they might return.

Shooting pictures of wildlife is almost always a process that requires patience, but no amount of patience can make up for wildlife that won’t cooperate. As it turned out, the birds didn’t feel like cooperating that morning so I started my vehicle and drove off. As I came around a bend, I was confronted by a sign I hadn’t noticed before. I’m not sure if this was a new sign that wasn’t completed, but I had to stop and take a picture.

It begged the question: What begins? 

I've met a few people who’ve said that 'it was like a sign’ and then described how that ‘sign’ triggered a change in her or his life. I've met lots of people who’ve said ‘I just wish I had a sign to tell me what to do, or who to be, or where to invest my life'.

We tend not to look for life's invitations in the muted light of an everyday road, believing it will only be found in something brightly unusual. We look for some kind of a special road. But this particular road wasn't a Scott Peck “road less traveled”, a special fork in a trail, or an expressway access ramp. It was just a quiet country road. I came to this spot expecting to capture some images of pheasants but instead found my imagination set free to ponder a new beginning.

I share this sign with you. If you like, make it your own invitation to ask yourself: What begins?

Then, imagine wildly.