Library Corner: Holiday Nutrition

Written By Michelle Snow

The holiday season is all about celebrating and eating with family and friends. If you are in cancer treatment, you may not have the same appetite you usually do.

Below are some resources that may help you get through common eating issues you may experience during cancer treatment so you can enjoy the holiday season. Visit the Princess Margaret Patient & Family Library to take a look at these resources or to find other health information you need.

Books Available to Borrow

  • Goes Down Easy: Recipes to help you cope with the challenge of eating during cancer treatment
    By Elize Mecklinger and the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Dietitians
  • American Cancer Society Complete Guide to Nutrition for Cancer Survivors: Eating well, staying well during and after cancer  
    By Barbara Grant
  • Eat well stay nourished Volume I and Volume II: A recipe and resource guide for coping with eating challenges (Support for People with Oral Head and Neck Cancer)
    By Nancy Leupold
  • The Essential Cancer Treatment Nutrition Guide & Cookbook
    By Jean LaMantia
  • The Cancer Wellness Cookbook: Smart nutrition and delicious recipes for people living with cancer
    By Kimberly Mathai

UHN brochures about nutrition and cancer and side effect management

Ask library staff for a free copy.


Below is a festive recipe created by the ELLICSR culinary team Geremy Capone, ELLICSR Culinary Analyst and Christy Brissette, Registered Dietitian. For more recipes, visit the ELLICSR Kitchen Recipe Archive:

We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season
From the Patient and Family Education Team