How Does ELLICSR Help You Manage the Day-to-Day? Help Us Find Out (Study)

Written By Cheryl Pritlove

Update: Recruitment for this study has ended. Study updates will be posted as they become available.

Life is busy. Isn’t that what everyone is always saying? Well, just try fitting cancer into your day-to-day! You can’t simply put life on hold. Sure, some things get dropped or put off for a while, but new obligations take their place. Medical appointments, treatment, arranging child care and other activities get added to daily routines. It can be tough.

Image of Cheyrl

Hi, my name is Cheryl Pritlove and I’m a PhD student here at ELLICSR. I’m interested in better understanding the struggles and successes that women experience managing day-to-day life with cancer. I also want to know how the programs, services, resources and supports we offer at ELLICSR may have helped you. Which programs and services do, or did, you find most useful? Is there something you need or want that we do not offer?

If you are a woman who has come to ELLICSR anytime between your diagnosis and the end of your treatment, join our study and help us make ELLICSR even more useful to women like yourself! I’d like to talk to you whether you’ve only come to ELLICSR once or if you come here often. With this study we hope to improve the quality of cancer care and support that women receive at times of illness.

To help us with our research, you will be invited to talk with me in 2 separate one-on-one interviews. After the first interview you’ll get a disposable camera so that you can take pictures that reflect your day-to-day experiences. We’ll use these photographs for our discussion during the second interview.

If you’ve never visited ELLICSR, check out the classes and activities we offer.