Still Dancing: A Caregiver's Story

Written By Alaina Cyr
"...Towards the end [he] really couldn't speak at all and couldn't eat and swallow very well. As much as this was a loss for Ian, I came to realize the loss was just as difficult for me.” – Kathleen Martin

A few weeks ago, Kathleen Martin published “Still Dancing”, a personal memoir of her experience as a caregiver for her husband Ian.

ELLICSR staff members Myann Marks-Aitken and Luanne MacKenzie were the first in line to read the book. They are raving about it:

There is something in this book for everyone. This is not only a story about cancer; it’s also about true love. As you become wrapped up in the bond that is shared between husband and wife, it becomes hard to put this book down.  Kathleen shows an honest and open view into her personal life and shares her unique perspective as a caregiver. It will be a welcome resource for those caring for someone who has cancer. This book will touch your heart no matter what your relation is to cancer.

Kathleen's Story:



Kathleen has been volunteering with the Healing Beyond the Body program for over 5 years, and mentors new volunteers to the program. 

Thank you Kathleen for all that you do to help support others facing cancer.