Happy Birthday, ELLICSR Blog!

Written By Alaina Cyr
Image of dog wearing birthday hat
Photo: barest_smidgen via flickr Creative Commons

On Tuesday, April 16, 2013, we published the first ELLICSR blog. We started off as a group of 5 passionate ELLICSR staff members looking to find our voice as bloggers. Now, on our 1st birthday, we’re a growing team of 14 bloggers (some regulars, some guests) who have hit our stride.

Over the past year, we have learned so much about nutrition and cooking from the ELLICSR Kitchen team. Christy busted common nutrition myths, gave us tips on how to choose healthier options, and shared some strategies for managing side effects of cancer and its treatment with food. Geremy shared tips on the tools and taste combinations that can make you feel like a real pro in the kitchen.

Our former videographer Dan shared stories of some of the great people who you might meet when you visit ELLICSR, and Leila shared a patient story of strength that inspired her in the clinic. Meanwhile, Alaina delved into the online world to highlight some of the remarkable people we’ve met on social media and share new online resources we’ve been creating at ELLICSR. Marc explored ideas of discovering inner self, like finding purpose and sense of belonging.

Funnyman Rob shattered some cancer taboos by writing about laughter, sex, and acknowledging the expertise in every patient, while Nour contemplated the meaning of “survivorship”. 

Nour also shared some of the survivorship research we’re doing at ELLICSR too, along with fellow researcher team members Cheryl, Maedean, and Menaka. Lauren helped us understand why scientists research the topics they do and why they seem to study the same things. 

Aileen showed us how important communication is when it comes to health, whether it’s speaking up to clarify important details about your health or expressing your thoughts and feelings through art. Bob looked at communication from another angle: having conversations with yourself. Taking some time to reflect on the “stuff” you’re carrying out of habit or recognizing the things that make you “you” can help you find meaning, value, and connection in your life.

It's been a great first year, don't you think?