Attach Good Memories to Daily Things to Experience Joy Every Day

Written By Ivanna Hirnyak
Image of Museum subway station in Toronto
Photo by: wyliepoon via flickr Creative Commons

"The next station is Museum"

I feel joy almost every day when I hear these words on the subway. They remind me what it’s like to be in the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). I like being where time has stopped forever and revelling in the beauty of history and art.

It’s not about staring or wasting time over things that are not mine, though that is part of the draw. For me it’s more about imaging, dreaming, creating a story, and feeling pleasure. Sometimes I find it more interesting to look at old clothes than precious stones, and think about how our lives have changed since that time. I find it amusing to think how, centuries from now, somebody might look at my old stuff and think about their ancestor who used them!

I’ve only been the ROM twice, but I get to relive the pleasure of being there almost every day through something as normal and boring as a subway stop announcement. By attaching good memories to daily things, I get to experience a little bit of joy every day. I urge you to attach your own pleasant memories to the everyday.

With each day we add a new page to our history, so why not create a better one?