Emotional Wellness (2015)

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Emotional Wellness
Monday June 8, 2015

​On June 8th 2015, ELLICSR celebrated its 6th National Cancer S​urvi​vors Day—an annual event to honour cancer survivors. ELLICSR defines a "survivor" as anyone touched by cancer, inc​luding patients, families, friends and caregivers. This year’s theme “Emotional Wellness” focused on learning to understand how you’re feeling.

Here's a look back at the day's events:

Keynote & Panel

Dr. Rodin, Departmental Head of Supportive Care at the Princess Margaret discussed emotional wellness and cancer.



At the event, our panel of experts in emotional wellness spoke about how your emotions can help you through your cancer journey. 

Jean Jackson from Wellspring Cancer Support Network shared advice on how you can use mindfulness to help with emotional wellness and cancer.


Dr. Alexandra Ginty, Primary Care Physician and cancer survivor shared what it’s like to be on both sides.


Wellness Facilitator, Deb Aber from Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto discussed how caregivers can care for themselves.


Caregiver Jon Eddington shared his story about how he and his family found ways to cope and grieve together. Read Jon Eddington​'s full speech​ here.


Cancer survivor Barbara Center spoke about her story of survivorship. Read Barbara Center's story here.​


Workshop Events

Various workshops addressed emotional wellbeing for cancer survivors and included nutrition and healthy eating, intimacy, laughter yoga and creative writing.

  • What is Happening to Me? What can I Do?: Jean offered an experiential workshop of Relaxation and Guided Imagery.
  • Food & Feelings: Guests gained the knowledge and skills needed to eat mindfully and make healthy choices.
  • Laughter Yoga: Comedian and cancer survivor Robert Hawke showed participants ​the medical benefits of laughter.
  • WE-Can - Chair Yoga:  Individuals focused on breathing and physical postures to help improve awareness of the present moment.
  • Sex & Intimacy: Participants talked openly and with ease about the meaning of sex and intimacy.
  • Creative Writing for the Caregiver: Using short writing exercises, guests voiced their own personal story while also hearing the stories of those around them.
  • Laughter Heals:  Closing out the day, Laughter Heals brought together the spontaneity of improvisational comedy, the fun of laughter yoga and the science behind feeling good.

  • Blogs About the Event

    If you'd like to get involved with next year's celebration, call the ELLICSR reception desk at 416 581 8620.